Why Emojis Are The Future of Communication

IF you go to the keyboard section on your iPhone, you will find a variety of different languages to choose from. And the one that most seem to be choosing is Emoji.

Emoji has a variety of different faces, symbols, icons, characters, and so many other features that people can use to put at the end of text messages, or in funny SnapChats, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram posts.
But the fact is, you could essentially write in just emojis to convey what is you’re feeling, want to do, and just have an overall conversation!

With the amount of emojis there are in the keyboard, it is hard to find an emoji that they are missing for real-world use. And with these emojis, you can use very little words, and create vibrant text convo with the images and their actions–that not only make you laugh, but also make you feel happy.
Seriously, it beats reading a long text/email/facebook post, or anything with a lot of words. That’s why you should break it up with some emojis.

That is why–very soon–emojis will be the new form of communication.
And now there is a new app trivia game that is using only emojis, and having you guess what the the emoji’s are trying to convey. Guess the Emojis is for iOS and Android and is a trivia-word guessing game. And here you will find all the Guess the Emoji cheats!