The New York Cosmos are the second professional soccer team in the city, which makes them the most obscure sports franchise in New York. Still, they know how to pull a great April Fools prank! They brought the whole team to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings and organized an eating contest against two of the employees. If the team’s self-proclaimed biggest eater, Peri Marosevic, could beat the Wild Wings workers, then the whole club would get free lunch! What the Marosevic didn’t know was that one of the guys that was bussing their table the whole time was actually world champion eater Kobayashi!

If you’ve ever watched Fox’s new show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you’ve come to realize that the assistant character, Gina, knows all about the trendy fads is mobile technology. The was introduced in an episode when she was infatuated with a mobile game called Kwazy Cupcakes, a parody of Candy Crush Saga, the wildly popular puzzle game created by King. But more recently, her obsession with technology has compelled her alter the English language.

She insists that she is such a deep and thoughtful person, that she there are not enough words in the dictionary to fully explain what she’s trying to express. Because of this conundrum, Gina decided that the best way to convey her thoughts would be to incorporate emoji into her everyday speech!

The funniest part of that scene was when she added an eggplant emoji from the Guess The Emoji game to describe nookie, which was clearly unnecessary in the conversation. Nevertheless, the next time I’m in a conversation about hooking up, an eggplant emoji will undoubtedly pop into my head.

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The Pete Holmes show might not be a box office hit right now — heck, most people don’t even know what channel it’s on. These comedians with their own skit shows basically died when Dave Chappelle went AWOL and left for Africa. But if Mr. Holmes keeps making sketches like this, maybe he could be a savior.

This sketch portrays a job interview for one of Street Fighters classic characters, Dhalsim. This Indian brawler is known for saying “yoga” before most of his attacks and being incredibly flexible. Holmes plays off the hypocrisy of a street fighting yoga enthusiast and hilarity ensues. If he could turn this into a weekly edition to his show, it could become a worthwhile watch!

Xbox One has had subpar sales compared to its rival PlayStation 4 since both gaming systems hit the shelves in late 2013. A big factor for these sales numbers is that Xbox comes with a built in camera system, Kinect, which pushes up the cost of the next generation console by $100. Even with PlayStation being harder to find than its counterpart, it still has the better sales figures. Meanwhile, there hasn’t been a real reason for gamers to use the Kinect system…until now.

There is finally a game coming out to vindicate Xbox One’s $500 price tag. It’s called Kinect Sports Rivals, and it’s basically a jacked up version of Wii Sports, with more realistic (better) graphics and more immersive gameplay.

The single disc includes soccer, bowling, tennis, target shooting, climbing and wake board racing, and the quality of graphics and gameplay seem to be on par with what next generation gaming was meant to be. The game comes out April 8 and could finally justify Microsoft’s not giving consumers the option to purchase an Xbox One without the Kinect system.

The following video shows gameplay and some general information about the game:

You may not have heard of Ray Cox IV, but he is a rock star in the gaming world. Already holding the Guinness Book of World Records for Highest Gamerscore, he keeps compiling onto his achievements and last night achieved a dream of his: reach an Xbox Live Gamerscore of 1 million.

To put 1 million Gamerscore points into perspective, most Xbox games max out at around 1,000 achievement points. That means he’s accomplished almost every goal achievable in 1,000 video games. That amount of point accumulation does tick away from your free time, but he managed it over almost a decade!

He indeed accomplished this goal last night while playing Xbox’s new smash hit Titanfall.

All that gaming is daunting and a little psychotic, but you gotta give the guy his props, he was definitely dedicated. Maybe all of that time could have been used to something more productive, but to each his own, man. The dude can say he’s a Guinness Book of World Records holder, no matter how trivial the record is. There are also a ton of more arbitrary feats that are immortalized in that book, and at least his doesn’t have to do with his the length of his fingernails.

Here’s a link to his final 4 hours of gameplay until he hits 1 million. If you don’t have 4 hours to kill, fast-forward to 3:46:16 to see his jubilation of the culmination of his being.

Remember the old days when Napster was running at full force and music was free and easy to download illegally? Believe it or not, that was 15 years ago, before it was shut down by court order. Nonetheless, it changed the way music was listened to and shared, and now there is a service just like it coming out for movies and television shows!

A new, free app called Popcorn Time is the Napster of the new age. It allows you to search, click, and stream (not download) any movie you can think of. Other online viewing programs like Hulu and Netflix require a monthly fee, but Popcorn Time is free of charge. This new app also has a much larger library than the other services. Sure there are pirated movies all over the internet, but they are hard to find and an annoyance to download. You also have to worry about corrupt files that could destroy your computer.
Those worries could be put to rest because of the programmers from Buenos Aires that created Popcorn Time. It just isn’t too clear as to how legal this is and how long until, like Napster, they’ll get shut down. We tried to check it out and already, it seems like they’re having trouble with either the amount of traffic they’re getting, or some other reason (possibly legal).

The 2 questions are how long will this site be running and who will slap Popcorn Time with a lawsuit the way Metallica did to Napster?

Check out this video for more info:

Do you every feel guilty about paying that extra $0.99 to get 5 extra moves to beat a Candy Crush Saga level? Or have you really dug deep into your wallet and spend $4.99 for 100 gold bars in Deer Hunter 2014? All of these addicting games that are free to download have a way of taking money from you, and every time it invokes the feelings of shame and remorse.

(Not that we blame Shaq for a Candy Crush addiction, With over 500 levels, it’s biggest and longest games you can play! Thank god for Candy Crush cheats to help you when you get stuck on a level!)

Nonetheless, whatever you spend on apps fails in comparison to what Shaquille O’Neal throws down per week. The admitted techy and self-proclaimed geek spends a whopping $1000 every 7 days on apps! Now if that doesn’t alleviate your guilt, I don’t know what will. Sure, he’s got more money than he can spend in a lifetime, but that doesn’t mean handing  it to these video game companies is the prudent thing to do with his fortune. However, after he admits about his guilty spending pleasure, he proves how smart and business savvy he really is in the following video:

The Lehigh Valley IronPigs are rapidly becoming the most entertaining minor league franchise in all of Major League Baseball. They are the Triple-A affiliate to the Philadelphia Phillies, but that has zero to do with their intrigue. It is their marketing and public relations departments that really shine for this club.

First off, what do you think of when you hear the word pig? Does bacon come tom mind? Yes, that’s what the folks in the Lehigh Valley organization think too. They market bacon more than they market their baseball team, and that is not a bad idea at all.

The Phillies are a storied MLB franchise, have won a World Series in the past decade, and have a religious fan base. But no one cares too much about minor league teams and the IronPigs don’t have any uber-prospects walking around their clubhouse, so there are not any great promotional ideas…Except bacon!

Their new website URL is and the loading symbol is a steaming piece of bacon. With the change they’re asking fans to smell came new uniforms, and damn I want to rock one of their hats:


They have pork races at their home games:

And today they tweeted out something even more radical:

Yes! They created bacon-flavored cotton candy! The people working for this organization are clearly geniuses and the real question is, how did they end up working for a Triple-A ball club in Allentown, PA?

Germany has always been a power-hungry, cutthroat nation as history has proven. Their aspiration to subjugate their neighboring countries has invoked both World Wars, but their ambition for supremacy predates those conflicts by centuries. New documents have surfaced that provide a look into the minds of 16th century German battle tactics, and they were way ahead of their time!

Rocket propelled grenades, or RPG’s, were developed in the 20th century, but the Germans of 1530 had the same idea with much more primitive technology. Animals were a huge part of warfare in these crude times and were utilized in a multitude of ways.  So, the krauts contemplated combining the two by strapping bombs to the backs of felines and birthed the concept of ROCKET CATS!!!