There’s no denying that Superhero movies control not only the comic-book world, but they also dominate in movie box office numbers and video games.

Anytime there is a new X-Men movie, people are rushing to go see it. And X-Men isn’t the only one people are running to go see; how about the Iron Man series, Batman, Superman, and etc!

And yes, there have been some major flops – Green Lantern, Hulk, and…well we don’t need to remind you of the rest.

But there are so many Superheros that are either overshadowed by their partner, or just don’t get the same hype and notoriety…

6. Birdman – Apart of the Galaxy Trio. He is powered by the sun


5. Cyborg – DC Comics Character – AKA Victor Stone


4. Cable – When X-Men Comes to Mind, Cable Is Usually Forgotten…


3. Piccolo – Must people forget about Dragon Ball-Z, especially this dude…


2. Lucky Luke – French superhero goes unnoticed because he doesn’t wear a mask and have an alias…


1. Aquaman – Is there a more forgotten about superhero than Aquaman? Except that one time Entourage had Vince play him in a movie…


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Whether you’re an infant, child, teenager, young adult or adult, you still find yourself watching characters.

There are cartoons that are meant for all ages. And then there are some that are so raunchy, you have to block the channel from children, but still watch when no one is around!

But it’ snot just the cartoon shows that provide the most entertainment; it’s the characters! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most memorable/unforgettable cartoon characters of all-time!

6. Rugrats very own leader-of-the-bunch, Tommy Pickles


5. Scooby-Doo! And his infamous “Scooby Snacks”…


4. Tom from ‘Tom and Jerry’ is one of the pioneer cartoon television show–for any ages…


3. What cartoon character is more popular than Bugs Bunny? He’s so popular, he even made a movie with Michael Jordan…


2. Popeye defined and revolutionized cartoons forever. Enough said.


1. And the ultimate cartoon character needs no introduction…


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In case you’ve been living in a cave, playing videos games, and paying no attention to the world revolving…Titanfall was just released today. And it is one of the most highly anticipated games of 2014!

When the co-creators and ‘key’ developers behind the massively successful Call of Duty games comes out with a new game, you pay attention.

So here is a quick lesson – It’s a highly-active and fast in this combat style game. Titanfall is providing a glimpse into (the soon to be normal) multiplayer future–setting the bar for other console mulitplayer games.

And you know what…we’ll let these videos do the rest of the talking…

6. We bet you can’t finish this video without stopping to play Titanfall…


5. The sickest trailer you’ve ever seen for a game…


4. Some of the most intense moments of Titanfall…


3. ‘EPIC’ is an understatement


2. Ultimate Bad-Ass-ness


1. By this point you probably don’t need another reason…


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IF you go to the keyboard section on your iPhone, you will find a variety of different languages to choose from. And the one that most seem to be choosing is Emoji.

Emoji has a variety of different faces, symbols, icons, characters, and so many other features that people can use to put at the end of text messages, or in funny SnapChats, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram posts.
But the fact is, you could essentially write in just emojis to convey what is you’re feeling, want to do, and just have an overall conversation!

With the amount of emojis there are in the keyboard, it is hard to find an emoji that they are missing for real-world use. And with these emojis, you can use very little words, and create vibrant text convo with the images and their actions–that not only make you laugh, but also make you feel happy.
Seriously, it beats reading a long text/email/facebook post, or anything with a lot of words. That’s why you should break it up with some emojis.

That is why–very soon–emojis will be the new form of communication.
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Carmen Electra has had a pretty illustrious career–one that has spanned over 22 years!

During that time, Electra has appeared in over 42 movies, made Baywatch one of the most successful/memorable shows of all time, been married and divorced to Hall of Fame Basketball Player, Dennis Rodman; as well as rockstar Dave Navarro.

And Carmen Electra has appeared on the cover of Playboy and FHM more times than anyone else!

So what’s the big deal if FHM puts Carmen Electra on the cover again for turning 41-years old? We’re certainly not complaining…


Featured image via FHM

Want to learn how to go down on your girl/boy/other like a pro? But don’t have anyone to practice on?

Well, look no further. A new app called “Lick This” is real and available now for all you out there that are orally challenged. “Lick This” gives you three different “games” to help you work out your tongue and practice your strokes. The exercises include bouncing a beach ball, flicking a switch and turning a crank – all with just your tongue and touch screen. The app even counts how long you can go for!


The creators of the app, appropriately named “Club Sexy Time”, say more exercises are on their way. We have our own suggestion. How about a high score board? 😉

featured image via rapgenius

By now we have all seen the infamous video of John Travolta at the Academy Awards, butchering the name of the woman he was introducing, Idina Menzel–or as Travolta pronounces it, Adele Nazim.

Now has come up with the genius idea of ‘Travoltafy Your Name.‘ You simply type your name into the widget and BOOM, your name is now Travoltafy’d!

So we got to thinking, ‘What would have happened had John Travolta presented every award to the winners of Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor?’ The results did not disappoint…

And the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role goes to…

And the Academy Award for Best Actress goes to…

And the Academy Award for Best Actor goes to…

And the Academy Award for Best Actor in a supporting role goes to…


Congrats to all the winners! And thank goodness Travolta didn’t read the names of the winners, or engraved the names on the trophy!

The 80’s brought us a lot! Besides the obvious – classic terms , phrases, Regan, and ultra hip music, there is still so much we have forgotten and love about the 80’s!

But this new game Guess the 80’s is bringing all the totally gnarly stuff we loved about the 80s! So sit back and enjoy these radical moments Guess the 80’s has brought to us! And checkout our favorite Guess the 80’s cheats site!

6. Boy George


5. Simon Says


4. Michael Jackson


3. Karate Kid


2. Robocop


1. Top Gun


Via: Random Logic Games

Think about it…the Millennium has been going for 14 years!

And so much has happened! All the toys, music, fads, fashion, celebs, entertainers, and so much more!

There is plenty that we once were obsessed with and now have forgotten. But thankfully there is a new game out that allows us to sit back and enjoy what once was and what now is! Guess the Millennium is an app game filled with pictures of all the popular millennium stuff! Test your knowledge now! And here you can find all of our favorite Guess the Millennium cheats!

6. Justin Beiber


5. Jessica Alba


4. Bratz


3. Rockstar Energy Drink


2. Amielle


1. Superbad


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Via: Random Logic Games