Mysterious Sea-Creature Washes Up On Russian Island

sea monster russia

So, here is reason one million as to why I do NOT like the ocean.

According to The Siberian Times, the creature washed up on the shore of Sakhalin Island.

‘The body was about two metres long though it was difficult to judge, and went into a tail of about three to five metres. The creature was hairy, with some paws or feet, and no fins. We were very confused that everything was covered with hairs.’

‘At first glance we saw what looked like the muzzle of a dolphin. But after a closer look we saw it had big jaws of approximately 70 centimetres with rotten teeth.’

But there was new intrigue today after a local resident gave a graphic account of the remains, suggesting a bony protrusion from its underside could be paws or feet, and adding that it had no fins. This witness also suggested it was much longer than initial reports.

Most curious of all was the fact it also had fur on its tail and was unlike anything ever seen in Russia.

russian sea monster


The Siberian Times followed up by saying that scientists suggested that it may be anything from a Ganges River dolphin or Giant Beaked Whale. But I’m not buying it. After all this is Russia we’re talking about. Who the hell knows what type of experiments Putin is behind. My guess is that this super man-eating dolphin got loose from the labs and eventually had to be put down by the entire Russian army before they were exposed.

Either way. This beast just serves as another reason as to why I’m not going swimming anywhere for a bit.