Has Hollywood’s Napster Been Created?

Remember the old days when Napster was running at full force and music was free and easy to download illegally? Believe it or not, that was 15 years ago, before it was shut down by court order. Nonetheless, it changed the way music was listened to and shared, and now there is a service just like it coming out for movies and television shows!

A new, free app called Popcorn Time is the Napster of the new age. It allows you to search, click, and stream (not download) any movie you can think of. Other online viewing programs like Hulu and Netflix require a monthly fee, but Popcorn Time is free of charge. This new app also has a much larger library than the other services. Sure there are pirated movies all over the internet, but they are hard to find and an annoyance to download. You also have to worry about corrupt files that could destroy your computer.
Those worries could be put to rest because of the programmers from Buenos Aires that created Popcorn Time. It just isn’t too clear as to how legal this is and how long until, like Napster, they’ll get shut down. We tried to check it out and already, it seems like they’re having trouble with either the amount of traffic they’re getting, or some other reason (possibly legal).

The 2 questions are how long will this site be running and who will slap Popcorn Time with a lawsuit the way Metallica did to Napster?

Check out this video for more info: