After a New York teenager was arrested for gaining access to the top of 1 World Trade Center for a late-night photo shoot, Police have charged three men who, months before the incident, snuck past security jumped from 1,368 feet above the ground, as well as a fourth who was keeping lookout from the ground.

The video of the jump has just been released. It clearly takes some guts to break into the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere and jump off it — it takes the first jumper some encouragement. The man who shot from his helmet cam seems to have no problem, though, and even lands on the street in plain view.

You can watch the video here:

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Threes has already been an obsession of mine for weeks, but the DOGE2048 browser game takes it to a whole new level.


DOGE2048 combines the gameplay of 2048 — partially based on Threes — with our favorite meme. You get encouraging messages along the way — “such playing,” “very gaming” — and the game is so fast paced and easy to play that you could do it with your eyes closed. That doesn’t stop it from being fun, though. I just can’t stop combining Doges and looking at googly eyes and rainbow backgrounds.


Give it a try, and check out a 2048 strategy guide if you need help. What’s your high score? Mine’s 6640.

Vík í Mýrdal is the southernmost village in Iceland. I want to move there. Now.

First, let’s get in the mood with some traditional (not really) Icelandic music.

About 300 people live in Vík. Every single one of them has a view of the North Atlantic out their front window.
Vík is known for its church, the highest and tallest structure in the village.
The church also happens to be the safest place in the village. An active volcano, Katla, lies directly north of Vík.

Katla last erupted in 1918.

The glacier Mýrdalsjökull’s icecap extends to the top of the volcano. If Katla were to erupt, it could melt enough ice to cause a flash flood. The church is believed to be the only building that would survive it.

The volcano is under close watch.

Just offshore are the Reynisdrangar, truly incredible stacks of basalt.
Mike Reyfman
Mike Reyfman

Now we know where they filmed the end of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

According to legend, the Reynisdrangar were formed when three trolls were trying to pull in a three-masted ship — until dawn came and turned them into stone.

Sounds about right.

Just down the road (one of the only roads) is Renisjfara Beach. The water’s not the part worth looking at.
Anna Guðmundsdóttir
Anna Guðmundsdóttir

The Gardar is a natural stack of basalt columns.

Even farther down the road is Skógar, a tiny village by the Skóga River. It’s home to just 25 people.

This is the Skógar Museum.

Just outside Skógar is Skógafoss, one of Iceland’s largest waterfalls. It’s over 80 feet wide and 200 feet tall.
Vík gets up to 58 degrees Fahrenheit in July and usually stays around 30 during the winter. The summers are short, but the winters are generally mild and picaresque.
But for the most part, Vík is incredibly green and incredibly beautiful.

Ultima Thule
Ultima Thule

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We’re now one step closer to downloading information Matrix-style. Spritz, a new app coming out for Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and Gear 2 watch, lets users read up to 1,000 words per minute. That translates into 60,000 words an hour — or just under the length of an average-sized novel. Try out the exercises below if you want

The technology developed for Spritz identifies the Optimal Recognition Point for every word and displays each word one at a time on the screen. You can set your own reading speed up to a maximum of 1,000 WPM, which Spritz claimed many testers were able to use without loss of reading comprehension. Even if that’s a stretch, Spritz found that the more users read with the app, the better they became at reading at faster speeds and retaining comprehension.

For those of you who have dozens of books (or more) in their backlog, this could be an incredibly effective way of actually getting through them. Even at a speed of 500 words per minute, you could get through a regular novel in a couple hours, or a 1,000 page epic in less than 20.

Spritz has given us a preview of what it’s like to use the app at different speeds. Try reading these samples and see if you can get comfortable reading 500 words a minute.

250 Words Per Minute:

350 Words Per Minute:

500 Words Per Minute:

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