A paraplegic man adopted a paraplegic puppy. Inevitably, happy tears will follow this video.

A dog was found on the side of the road, after being run over and left for hours. After a lot of care and love, the dog pulled through and was given a new name — Chance.

Despite Chance’s new chance at life (GET IT?), he was left alone in an adoption agency for a long time, until his new best friend and owner came along. Chance and his owner both use a wheelchair to get around, but never let it get them down. The two play ball together, go kayaking, run around and play whenever they get the opportunity. This commercial, by Kleenex, is a testament to the power of love, especially when it comes from a puppy.

When one new uncle gets left alone with his nephew, magic happens.

This dude is definitely going to be the favorite uncle. Although his nephew is at first very confused by the proceedings, he quickly realizes how great being flown around the room in a towel is. This is why kids love aunts and uncles so much. When Mom or Dad leaves the room, aunts and uncles are ready to play in slightly less appropriate ways.

Can two men, one German accent, some very tiny pants and one dance save the world? Apparently, the answer is yes.

Kiki and Choo-Choo are two fabulous dancers who have been dancing their way across the world. When the two finally meet, they come together to dance and save the world. Yup, this video is as great as you think it’s going to be. The CoinciDANCE will sweep the nation, the world and maybe even the universe, spreading love and well-defined shoulders everywhere it goes.

Friends, please don’t give your dogs drugs. Just watch this video instead. This dog, Loki, managed to get into his owner’s bag and eat way too many pot-filled Rice Krispy treats.

His high resulted in many hilarious faces and a complete inability to keep his tongue in his mouth, but remember — DRUGS ARE BAD FOR YOU AND YOUR ANIMALS. Do not give drugs to your animals. I will say it a third time, just in case it hasn’t already set in. Don’t give drugs to pets. Even when it is hilarious, it is also very mean.

Bachelorette fans will remember Amy Schumer’s stint on this season. She took down the losers (boo, JJ) and joshed around with the, hmm, less terrible contestants.

Anyone who calls out JJ is great in my book, and Amy is already killing it with her super popular show, Inside Amy Schumer. Amy’s been doing the press rounds lately for her new movie, Trainwreck. On E!, Maria Menounos asked if Amy would ever become the Bachelorette. Check out her answer!

This racer is truly dedicated to winning.

Rather than allow himself to wipe out while taking a corner too quickly, the motorcyclist swings his body over the side to keep his bike upright. Since there’s really no way to get back from that, he finishes his race on his knees — he even manages to come in first place!

His knees must be super torn up right now. Here’s hoping someone gave him some Neosporin
along with his trophy!

Maymo has the afternoon of a lifetime when he gets a crazy birthday surprise!

Maymo is just chilling on the couch, having a perfectly normal day when his owner decides to put together a home ball pit for him!


Maymo goes from looking like the world has lost its shine to jumping and tossing the balls around. It’s truly a reminder that any dog, no matter how old, can remember what it was like to be a puppy! Maymo’s day was definitely a great one.

Are you one of the few who didn’t see Jurassic World? Feeling left out of every conversation at work? We’re here to help.

This video, in six hilarious seconds, sums up the entire Jurassic World movie. If you repeat it four times, you’ll be caught up on the whole franchise! Lessons you should take home: People who create dinosaurs should make better cages. If you can afford to genetically modify a dinosaur, you can afford to create a suitable holding cell for it. But really, just don’t bring dinosaurs back to life. Really, guys. Dinosaurs are not a good idea. Ever. Okay?

If you give a bulldog wheels, he’ll outshine you! Check out this bulldog’s smooth ride.

Not only does this dude know how to push himself around on the board, he even hops on to go for a full ride. Apparently, this is a secret bulldog talent. Riding skateboard comes naturally to the stodgy fellows for some reason. I have to wonder, did this dude learn to skateboard on his own or was he taught how to make the board roll with him? It would certainly be worth teaching your dog, if only for the entertainment value!

When attendees of this year’s Governor’s Ball tried to use the public restrooms, they were in for a huge shock!

Now, when people hear shock and port-a-potty combined, they probably picture something truly disgusting. This time, however, Improv Everywhere set up a surprise that would thrill everyone attempting to use the facilities. A wide variety of bands and musical groups emerge from the potty, seemingly all much too large to fit in. The groups include a mariachi band, a gospel group and a marching band. Would you be surprised by this? I’m surprised no one peed a little in shock!