10 Hilarious Reactions to Polish Pastafarianism


It’s been a rough few weeks for international news. That whole Ukraine situation is just getting worse, and the Oscar Pistorius trial is depressing in a huge way. So I was delighted to hear some good news out of Poland today, as a judge overturned a previous ban on the Pastafarian religion. R’amen!

If you weren’t big on religious satire in the mid-2000s, Pastafarianism is a “faith” that professes to worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster, a collection of noodles and two meatballs that created the whole of existence, beginning with pirates. Believers typically wear colanders on their heads as a demonstration of their faith. If it sounds ridiculous, it’s supposed to–the whole thing is a satirization of religion in general and ┬áthe concept of Creationism in particular. Still, the ruling is a huge blow for free speech and progressive thought, and Polish Pastafarians are boiling over with pride.

Reactions on comments pages across the Internet were just too good not to share with everyone. Here are some of the finest.

This guy on Fark was overflowing with happiness.


But his joy was nothing compared to that of the Man Upstairs, who really needed a break.



Some people, like Betty here, got punny (or should I say penne?).




But Betty couldn’t compare to the A-game of Truthiwant, who saw an opportunity to use his pasta knowledge and went all the way.



However, not everyone was pleased by the development, even those who are big fans of noodles.



“Someone” didn’t get the memo that explained what was really going on:



Apparently neither did Cory, but Mike was kind enough to explain the concept for him, and gave a quick lesson in nutrition too.



Also in the “missed the boat” category was Suz, who doesn’t realize that Poland hasn’t been a communist state since the 80s.



Nathan gets it, but he’s apparently mistaking “intellectual” for “pretentious”:



But even with the haters, His Noodly Appendage continues to touch us all, as this awesome dude can attest.


Flying Spaghetti Monster bless us, every one.

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