Where to Find Australia’s Best Wildlife

Koalas in Otway

Driving along the Otway Coast section of Great Ocean Road in southern Victoria is a must when visiting Australia. The area boasts sensational surfing beaches, the iconic 12 Apostles rock formations and, most importantly, koalas.

There are two standout places to see these fluffy-eared, flat-nosed, cuddly animals — which, incidentally, are not related to bears, but to wombats.

Near the aptly named Kafe Koala in the seaside town of Kennett River, walk up the winding road and train your eyes to look for the round fluffy rear ends of koalas. The animals can typically be found resting between the crook of two tree branches.

Even better is to head about an hour south to the lovely Otway Lighthouse. I kid you not: Nearly every tree here has a koala in it.