6 Ways the #MyNYPD Hashtag Failed Spectacularly

Yesterday afternoon, the New York Police Department asked their Twitter followers for just one little thing: a photo of themselves with a police officer. They’ve had so many photo ops, why not show everyone on the Internet what a good relationship New Yorkers have with their–I’m sorry, #myNYPD? Social media slam dunk!

Except that’s the opposite of what happened. Suddenly the hashtag was blowing up with people sharing photos of police brutality and horror stories from dealing with the NYPD in the past. Even if you don’t agree with their message, it’s one of the most spectacular Twitter fails of all time, and I was delighted in so many ways by these tweets in particular.

Is this cop trying to stab a guy in the groin with his baton?

Poetry found in nature is the finest form of art.


We found out some metropolitan police are also expert stylists.


Artist Molly Crabapple waded into the fray too.

Not everyone posted a picture. Some used this time for reflection.

But mostly it was a lot of people getting illegally beaten by a bunch of cops.

Good job, NYPD! We look forward to meeting your new social media specialist soon!