5 Flicks We Never Expected to See on Guess the Emoji Movies

We enjoy a rousing game of Guess the Emoji from time to time. It’s good, mindless fun–the kind that can help you while away a long train ride without killing that screaming kid in the seat behind you, for instance. But sometimes we get jerked right out of the experience by the sheer weirdness of what we’re looking at on our phones. Conversion LLC’s latest Guess the Emoji installment has plenty of those moments. There are plenty of the usual suspects on the answers list, like Spider-Man and Star Wars, but once you get into the higher levels, things get downright strange. Here just a few of the oddballs you’ll find in this game.

1. Calendar Girl

Three teenagers go on a road trip to Hollywood to try and meet the babe to end all babes: Marilyn Monroe. If you think that sounds like a plan that could quickly end up in stalker territory, you’d be wrong–it immediately ends up in stalker territory. But our hero Roy Darpinian (he of the most improbable last name ever) does get a chance to help out the bombshell actress, so I guess his heart’s in the right place or something.

2. Two Evil Eyes

George Romero and Dario Argento, two classic horror film directors, do a tag-team adaptation of some Edgar Allen Poe stories. Although it’s mostly forgettable, Harvey Keitel shows up to play the title character of “Fall of the House of Usher.”

3. The Basketball Diaries

Remember when Leonardo DiCaprio was just a fresh-faced teen, fresh on the scene, without an Oscar in his pocket? Now he’s a man, with a beard and countless blockbusters under his belt and…still no Oscar, actually. Sorry, Leo. This forgotten 1995 flick sets DiCaprio up as a rising basketball star who falls into the nefarious clutches of drug addiction. This was not a particularly unique storyline at the time, but The Basketball Diaries set itself apart by also casting Mark Wahlberg. Swish!

4. Four Rooms

Back in the days when Quentin Tarantino was still being billed as a new director, this oddball film was released, featuring short stories by Tarantino and three other directors–Robert Rodriguez, Alexandre Rockwell, and Allison Anders. The four stories were based on some of Roald Dahl’s adult fiction work, but despite starring talent like Tim Roth, Madonna, and Antonio Banderas, critics roundly panned the whole thing. We didn’t even think anyone remembered it.

5. God’s Not Dead

This is a more surprising addition to the list because it’s so recent. God’s Not Dead came out in March 2014, and was immediately slaughtered in the press. No wonder. This movie has a religious agenda more obvious than that of Moses himself, and even Christians got uncomfortable seeing it in theaters. If you want to watch a two-hour Chick tract with lines like “How can you hate someone who doesn’t exist?”, man, have we got the movie for you.

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