Here’s What It Would Look Like If You Were Superman. You Have To Watch This.

At one point or another, we’ve all envisioned what it would be like to fly like Superman. Cruising between buildings, barreling through clouds; there is no doubt that Superman’s gift of flight is simply awesome. Sadly, we are human, and do not possess any skills of the supernatural. Though technology might allow for us to fly like Superman in the future, that day doesn’t exist just yet.

Until then, however, we do have this awesome video to tie us over.

Created with not much more than a GoPro and a quadcopter (and some expert editing skills), this video takes you on a point-of-view tour of a day in the life of Superman, and it consists of everything you might expect: burning buildings, maidens in distress, even astounded citizens wielding Facebook-ready camera phones!

Check out the video and live a little (vicariously, of course).

Interested in how the video was made? The creators have also released this gem that explains everything.