This Fake Hogwarts School Looks Totally Legit

I just opened my inbox to the best spammy subject line I could imagine in my my wildest dreams:


Of course, I clicked on it immediately, and for one blissful moment I thought I might actually be an eleven-year-old wizard.


This had to be the real thing — I mean, how did they get my email address unless I really were a wizard? Okay, so maybe I knew it was fake, but I still had to figure out how they found me. The email led me to this incredibly authentic Hogwarts website.


The site, “Hogwarts is Here,” is light on details, but it looks to be yet another failed Harry Potter RPG in the making, replete with a school newspaper, digital textbooks, and online classes taught by, in all likelihood, thirteen-year-olds.

Still, they deserve an A++ Check for effort. I hope it works out for them, because I just don’t have enough distractions.