Brave/Insane Guys Paddle Board Next To Great White Sharks

The ocean is filled with a lot of NOPE lately

Sharks are so hot right now.

And I’m not just talking about Sharknado and Shark Week. I’m talking about the asshole sharks that are taking over the beaches and ripping people apart. It seems like every week I’m reading a new terrifying story about these monsters.

“Hammerheads found near shore of New Jersey beach”

“Sharks attack children in Carolinas”

“Great Whites found close to Florida beaches”

“New breed of sharks who can shoot guns found everywhere”

Yeah, so the last one I made up. But it won’t be long before we start seeing them. These dudes on their paddle boards are either really dumb or brave. I haven’t decided yet. However, unlike these dudes, I’m throwing in the white flag. Congrats sharks, you’ve won the Summer. The beaches are yours.