The 12 Best BuzzFeed Quizzes Will Tell You Who You Really Are As a Person

There’s no arguing the addictive nature of Buzzfeed quizzes. We’ve done so many that we’ve figured out which are the best Buzzfeed quizzes

Best Buzzfeed Quizzes

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It’s an important question. Not which emoji do you use the most but which truly represents you as a person. With such variation in characters and expressions, maybe you’ll be able to understand your dark, twisted self just a little easier.

What Type of Emoji Are You


Which Food Matches Your Personality

Simple but accurate. Are you more pizza or burrito? It’s an important question to know the answer to.

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BuzzFeed takes us down some rough choices in this quiz, ranging from which Disney character you’d off to what makes you cry. At the end, you can find out how bad you really are at being honest or making decisions.
What Is Your Biggest Flaw?

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In case you took quiz #3 but are still living in denial, BuzzFeed can tell you exactly why you still haven’t found that someone.
Why Are You Single?

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We’re not here to judge your life decisions but this quiz will help you figure out if you are surfing the wave of immaturity.

Are You An Adult?


BuzzFeed is about to lay out the cold hard facts…on your cold, hard heart.
How Emotionally Unavailble Are You?


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Well, are you?
Are You Cool?

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The description says it all: “get in the kitchen and make me a you.”

Which Sandwich Are You?

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This list combines intellectuality, history and sex so you know it’s gonna be accurate in pegging you.
Which Classic Author Is Your Soulmate

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With over 500 episodes, The Simpsons have more character development than most novels. Don’t knock the show, this quiz can help you truly connect to your yellow-colored brethren.

Which Simpsons Character Are You?

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If you have to ask, then this is one of the BuzzFeed quizzes you definitely need.


How Big of a Dick Are You?

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Admit it, not even your best friend can give you a show recommendation for something you actually enjoy. But this quiz will pinpoint you well enough to let you know if you should be marathoning Hatfields & McCoys or Call the Midwife.

What Should You Be Binge Watching on Netflix right now?


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A quiz for anyone with siblings. Lay down the law in your life and stop the pretenses–who’s getting more out of dad’s will?

Are You Your Parent’s Favorite?