Video Game Console War: PS4 vs Xbox One


The war rages on between Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s Xbox One. Both of these consoles were a huge hit when released in November, but since then Playstation 4 has seemed to take over. The National Purchase Diary, which conducts consumer research, trends, and more, has recently released information about their financial standings. Turns out that Playstation 4 has the control in the console market right now, doubling its sales over their competitor, Xbox One.

A major factor that could lead to the success of PS4, is that it costs $100 less than their competitor. However, a big contributor to the success and failure of a console is the games that can be played. Microsoft hopes to turn things around in March when Titanfall is released, exclusive to Xbox. The game, Titanfall is predicted to be the new Halo or Call of Duty.  Playstation is also releasing a much anticipated super hero game, Infamous: Second Son. No one can predict how these games will be received and what the consumer’s consensus will be, but if they are both hits, the competition will continue. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the consoles.

Microsoft’s Xbox One


This all-in-one console, allows users to play video games, download apps, stream video, play DVD’s, and watch live television. Unfortunately, in order to use some of these features it will cost you $60 a year. The Xbox also includes a feature known as ‘Kinect’, which helps to identify the users face, contains voice recognition, and has a higher-quality image. The complaint that most users have is that it is hard to set up and has many technical issues, especially when connected to the TV.

Sony’s Playstation 4


Playstation 4 is more geared for video games, but does include different capabilities for the user such as watching DVD’s and streaming video. Compared the Xbox, many users have agreed that it is much easier to set up and is even faster. The PS4 is also much smaller but is considered to be more powerful. To use online services it will cost the user $50 a year. However, unlike the Xbox, the PS4 does not include features that the ‘Kinect’ capability gives to their users.

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