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Whats The Saying Answers Variety 2 Level 21-30

Whats the Saying answers and cheats for Variety 2 levels 21-30 by Cheat Master And Friends Words Cheats LLC. Whats the Saying is a new kind of picture trivia game that involves a drawing or multiple drawings that are conveying a common or obscure saying, blank letter spaces, and a letter bank below to help users guess the saying. Variety 2 has 10 levels for you to guess and answer, and here are the answers for levels 21-30 of Whats the Saying.

Level 21 – A Friend in Need
  • The word need connecting with the word friend
Level 22 – Excuse Me
  • The letter x over four qs over me
Level 23 – Backseat
  • The word seat written backwards and inverted
Level 24 – Falling Star
  • The word star falling
Level 25 – Counter Clockwise
  • A counter above a clock and an owl
Level 26 – Crosscheck
  • The word check written twice and crossing itself
Level 27 – Made in China
  • The china flag with a mermaid on it
Level 28 – All For One And One For All
  • The word one written four times with one all above the word all written four times and one one
Level 29 – Sit Down And Shut Up
  • An arrow with the word sit pointing downwards, an arrow with the word up pointing upwards
Level 30 – Equally Important
  • The word important equals the word important


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