This Infamous: Second Son Glitch Looks Like an LSD Trip


The InFamous series of games is one of my favorites in recent memory; I love superheroes, and running around a chaotic city zapping gangsters and jumping off of skyscrapers isĀ precisely what I call a good time. But as good as they are, the series isn’t without its flaws, least of all when it comes to glitches. I fondly remember one instance in the first game when I encountered a civilian who’d fallen halfway through the sidewalk and whose arm was extended approximately six feet, trying to peer into a trash can.

InFamous: Second Son is no exception–if anything, it’s upped the ante for weird bugs that made it past playtesting. YouTube user Jazuhero recorded this bizarre occurrence for our enjoyment. Delsin is just speeding around town, minding his own business, when he gets swallowed by a building! Eek! To make matters worse, things get exceedingly trippy once he’s inside its concrete belly. Always the pragmatist, Delsin decides his best bet is to raise the roof for about half a minute…and then things get even weirder.

Watch the video below for the grooviest game of InFamous you’ve ever seen. (If you’ve got a history of epilepsy, this might not be up your alley.) Now, where did I put that blotter paper…?

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