GAYNGER: These Gay Marriage Videos are a Hoot


As the scriptures hath foretold: the gays are coming. And they’re going to pick a sensible date for their reception.

Several states like New York, Massachusetts, and California have already passed gay marriage into law, but many heads did a double take last week when federal judge, Orlando Garcia, struck down the ban on same sex arrangements in the conservative bastion of Texas. This event could be the beginning of the end of the least political political debate of our time.

With the raging debate over the legalization of gay marriage sweeping across America in the last 10 years, both sides of the field have asked some tough questions. Do wedding attendees enjoy quiche? Are homosexuals people? Are they the result of a sick lab experiment by some ancient civilization? The world may never find all the answers (except for the quiche one, yum yum yum!), but it can learn to laugh through these tough times.

Several sultans of satire have weighed in on the topic, ranging from big TV names like Stephen Colbert, all the way down to local NYC stand ups @KatieHannigan, @MikeBlejer, and @AndrewTavin. Check out their hilarious videos below:

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