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Whats The Saying Answers Cunning

Whats the Saying answers and cheats for Cunning levels 1-10 by Cheat Master And Friends Words Cheats LLC. Whats the Saying is a new kind of picture trivia game that involves a drawing or multiple drawings that are conveying a common or obscure saying, blank letter spaces, and a letter bank below to help users guess the saying. Cunning has 10 levels for you to guess and answer, and here are the answers for levels 1-10 of Whats the Saying.

Level 1 – Kick The Bucket
Level 2 – Pay The Piper
  • A bag of money next to a leprechaun
Level 3 – Sixth Sense
  • Six pennies
Level 4 – Out On A Limb
  • The word out on a branch of a tree
Level 5 – Great Minds Think Alike
  • A picture of Albert Einstein and Abraham Lincoln both thinking about hot dogs
Level 6 – Brush With Death
  • The grim reaper holding a toothbrush
Level 7 – Pig Out
  • A pig outside of a box
Level 8 – The Last Straw
  • Three glasses of lemonade with straws and a finger pointing to the straw in the third glass
Level 9 – Long In The Tooth
  • The word long written inside of a tooth
Level 10 – The Whole Nine Yards
  • The word yards written nine times with a bracket


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