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Whats The Saying Answers Cunning Level 31-40

Whats the Saying answers and cheats for Cunning levels 31-40 by Cheat Master And Friends Words Cheats LLC. Whats the Saying is a new kind of picture trivia game that involves a drawing or multiple drawings that are conveying a common or obscure saying, blank letter spaces, and a letter bank below to help users guess the saying. Cunning has 10 levels for you to guess and answer, and here are the answers for levels 31-40 of Whats the Saying.

Level 31 – Blue In The Face
  • A monkey with a blue face
Level 32 – Under the Weather
  • A sad smiley underneath different representations of weather: clouds, thermometer, lightning bolt, rain, hurricane,
Level 33 – Costs an Arm and A Leg
  • A price tag with a $ sign and an arm and a leg
Level 34 – Pipe Down
  • A pipe and a finger pointing downwards
Level 35 – Sleep On It
  • A smiley sleeping on the word it
Level 36 – Junk Mail
  • The symbol for male inside of a trash can
Level 37 – Low Blow
  • Three blow fish with a hand pointing towards the lowest one
Level 38 – Raining Cats and Dogs
  • A cat and a dog under an umbrella
Level 39 – Live Hand To Mouth
  • The word live connecting an image of a card hand and an open mouth
Level 40 – On The Spot
  • The word on inside of a black hole (spot)


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