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Whats The Saying Answers Cunning Level 11-20

Whats the Saying answers and cheats for Cunning levels 11-20 by Cheat Master And Friends Words Cheats LLC. Whats the Saying is a new kind of picture trivia game that involves a drawing or multiple drawings that are conveying a common or obscure saying, blank letter spaces, and a letter bank below to help users guess the saying. Cunning has 10 levels for you to guess and answer, and here are the answers for levels 11-20 of Whats the Saying.

Level 11 – When It Rains It Pours
  • The word rain written three times next to the word pours three times
Level 12 – X Marks the Spot
  • Three eggs on a map
Level 13 – White Lie
  • The word lie written six times in different colors with an arrow pointing to the “lie” in white
Level 14 – Chow Down
  • The word chow written inside an arrow pointing downwards
Level 15 – High On The Hog
  • A penguin on top of a pig saying hi
Level 16 – Catty Corner
  • There are four corners, a dog drawing is in three of them and a cat is in the fourth. An arrow is pointing to the cat.
Level 17 – Toss Up
  • The word toss written at the top of the image
Level 18 – Drop Of A Hat
  • A hat inside of a rain droplet
Level 19 – All Bark and No Bite
  • A dog surrounded by bark
Level 20 – Bakers Dozen
  • A dozen bakers


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