Celebs Pop Answers and Cheats Level 21-30


Celebs Pop answers, cheats, and hints to all levels 21-30 of the game for iOS and Android.

Celebs Pop Level 21
  • Actor, Academy Award winner, Rocky
  • Answer: Sylvester Stallone
Celebs Pop Level 22
  • Actor, Academy Award winner, Flight
  • Answer: Denzel Washington
Celebs Pop Level 23
  • Actress, Child-Actress, E.T.
  • Answer: Drew Barrymore
Celebs Pop Level 24
  • Singer, Actress, Evita
  • Answer: Madonna
Celebs Pop Level 25
  • Singer, Diva, You’ll Always Be My Baby
  • Answer: Mariah Carey
Celebs Pop Level 26
  • Actor, Performer, Iron Man 3
  • Answer: Robert Downey JR
Celebs Pop Level 27
  • Actor, Big Muscles, Fast and Furious
  • Answer: Vin Diesel
Celebs Pop Level 28
  • Singer, Great hair, Beauty and a Beat
  • Answer: Justin Bieber
Celebs Pop Level 29
  • Singer, Actor, Former band member of N’Sync
  • Answer: Justin Timberlake
Celebs Pop Level 30
  • Actress, Used to be married to Brad Pitt, Former Friends Actress
  • Answer: Jennifer Aniston

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