Brooklyn Nine-Nine Explains the Meaning of the Eggplant Emoji


If you’ve ever watched Fox’s new show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you’ve come to realize that the assistant character, Gina, knows all about the trendy fads is mobile technology. The was introduced in an episode when she was infatuated with a mobile game called Kwazy Cupcakes, a parody of Candy Crush Saga, the wildly popular puzzle game created by King. But more recently, her obsession with technology has compelled her alter the English language.

She insists that she is such a deep and thoughtful person, that she there are not enough words in the dictionary to fully explain what she’s trying to express. Because of this conundrum, Gina decided that the best way to convey her thoughts would be to incorporate emoji into her everyday speech!

The funniest part of that scene was when she added an eggplant emoji from the Guess The Emoji game to describe nookie, which was clearly unnecessary in the conversation. Nevertheless, the next time I’m in a conversation about hooking up, an eggplant emoji will undoubtedly pop into my head.

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