AGH! Father’s Day is next weekend but you waited until the very last minute to shop for a gift. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. For all you last minute shoppers, you can still find a great gift that your dad will appreciate. Check out a list of 11 of the best gift ideas we could come up with. Best of all, these ship with free 2 day shipping from Amazon Prime. (If you don’t have Amazon Prime, click here for a free 30 day membership.)

  1. Fire TV Stick

    Here’s a gift for the dad that loves watching TV and movies. Amazon Fire Stick plugs into any TV with a HDMI to offer access to thousands of shows from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO Go and more. Plus it doubles as a TV remote! (For other on the go media options, check out Chromecast)

  2. Garmin Approach GPS Golf Watch

    A golf watch can be a great gift for fathers who enjoy golfing. This watch is preloaded with over 29,000 courses worldwide, which makes it both athoughtful and functional gift. An excellent idea for the dad who has everything.

  3. Fitbit FLex

    Fitbits are fun and healthy! With online graphs, charts and badges to track your progress, Fitbit automatically tracks and syncs your stats to your computer and smartphone. They’re easy to set up and fully dad-friendly.

  4. Quad Copter Drone with Camera

  5. WHo DOESN’T want a working flying drone with a camera. This is basically the coolest dad toy ever. Take tons of aerial family selfies. The possibilities are endless. Only 50 bucks too!

  6. GoPro Hero3

    GoPros are a great gift for adventurous types. If your father enjoys traveling and photography, this is a winner. A little pricey at 200 bucks, but it’s your dad! You love him right?

  7. Meat Shredder Claws

    Arrr! Does your dad like BBQ, meat and manly toys? Of course he does and that’s why he needs these pulled pork shredder claws! Get him a pair so he can pretend to be Wolverine on July 4th. It’s only $10!

  8. A Meat-Smoking Manifesto

    Not just any book. It’s like the Bible for how to make ridiculously delicious barbecue. Yum! Everyone wins! Goes great with those meat shredders you’re getting him, right?

  9. Tile – An Item Finder for Anything

    Everyone can use a little help finding lost things! These stick on anything – keys, cars, wallet – so you can find anything. What’s cool is that if you mark your tile as being lost, you can enable anyone in the world to help you find your lost item anonymously and securely.

  10. Bluetooth Selfie Stick

    Selfie sticks were practically made for dads. This one comes with bluetooth and is auto-extendable!

  11. “Sh*t my Dad Says”

    Does your dad like to make dad jokes or have a special brand of dad wisdom. This book of dad quotes is sure to give a laugh and let him know that you really do appreciate all his well intentioned advice through the years.

  12. “Go Away” Coffee Mug

    Mugs can be a great inexpensive gift. If your dad loves coffee, a french press and mug can be the perfect Father’s Day gift set.

  13. Sunforce Solar Battery Charger

    What is a solar battery trickle charger you say? It’s a solar panel that hooks up to your car, boat, electric fence, motor home and charges the battery using sunlight. These actually work and come in handy for activities like sailing, boating, camping where you don’t always have access to chargers and electricity.

car chase missippi

Witness, Ruby Evans, gives a priceless car chase recap!

The distraught witness, Ruby Evans, saw a ‘horrible, tragic, situation’. The car chase in Missippi began when a police officer tried to pull over a car for a traffic stop. According to Evans, the man said ‘No, not today and they began to race behind each other like cats and dogs.’

Ruby Evans shares his description of the car chase in Jackson, Mississippi on Monday.

car chase

“It was a full twist about, and the police kinda just twisted around like a tornado girl. and the lord just shook it up and the man just got injured…this police officer don’t know if his life is gonna continue to make it or if he’s just gonna tap out.”

car chase ruby evans

marlin peterson spiders

Just kidding! It’s artist Marlin Peterson trolling the Space Needle.

Artist Marlin Peterson painted a giant rooftop mural of arachnids in Seattle.

marlin peterson spiders

You can see them from high up in the space needle or even a plane.

marlin peterson spiders

The shadowing of the spiders make them look like real giant alien spiders taking over the roof of the Armory Building!

marlin peterson spiders

Watch this video which captures the whole beautifully eery process.