There Is Now a Real Spider-Man “Web-Shooter”


Patrick Priebe is an enterprising German man whose business just happens to be lasers. Specifically, he runs a business called Laser Gadgets, which is devoted to…pretty much exactly what it sounds like. He’s made several comic book-inspired gadgets like some Cyclops laser googles, an Iron Man gauntlet, and a laser rifle (which looks like the gun pretty much every superhero character had in the 1990s).

In honor of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 premiere this weekend, Patrick decided the time was ripe for a real, live web-shooter. Unlike Peter Parker’s antique design from 1962s, this model runs on electromagnetic power (which may be a design flaw if you’re fighting Jamie Foxx). Lacking web fluid, however, the inventor went with a tiny brass spear that can be reeled in, like a very pointy grappling hook without the hook. You can’t buy one, but if the video gets over 200,000 views in the next 2 weeks, Patrick says he might make a how-to-guide. Even if he doesn’t, Laser Gadgets is still open for commissions.

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