Look How Happy These Newly Adopted Animals Are!


Adopting an animal is a sure way to bring some joy into the world — both for you and for the adorable animal you’ll be adopting. Check out some pictures of truly happy animals who have just been adopted!

The smile on this pup is almost bigger than the dog himself!

This cat doesn’t want to let go of her new owner.

It’s amazing the difference only a couple of hours made for this pup!

I just want to blow raspberries all over this little puppy.

This dainty kitty is very happy to receive snuggles.

This guy truly lucked out — not only adopted, but also gets a boat?

When one family adopted a cat, they didn’t expect her to also become their dog’s seeing eye animal!

I have no words. This puppy is too adorable for them.

Kitty is ready for a nap after a long and strenuous day of adoption!

Okay, this guy might not look super happy, but at least the kid does!

This tubby dude found his own space very quickly.

Have you ever seen such a smile?

This cat is making up for lost snuggle time on his adoption day!

This kitty is begging for some chin scratches after her adoption.

More unusual, perhaps, but this bear adopted in Slovenia is very happy to be a part of the family!

Sloths are my biggest weakness. Look at this little baby!

If you’re considering getting a pet, be sure to adopt! Homeless animals need your help and puppy mills are not very humane. Check out your local SPCA or animal shelter to find your new forever friend.

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