13 Great, But Insane, Alternative Uses for Fireworks

13 great, but insane, alternative uses for fireworks

By now, I bet you’re all geared up for the 4th of July. You’ve probably got your keg ordered, your endless supply of hot dogs, and your box of cheap yet decent-enough fireworks.

However, perhaps you’re like me in that you’ve gotten really bored with fireworks. After all, they’re just lights in the sky. Hell, the most exciting part about fireworks is watching your drunk friends try to light them. Honestly, if you still enjoy fireworks, you’re probably either a) a child or b) high as hell.

But don’t worry, this holiday isn’t completely lost. There are still a ton of other uses for fireworks. For example…

1)You Could Build An Army

2)You Could Rule the Pit

3)Film Your Own Avenger’s Movie

4)Remodel The Bathroom

5)Replace Super Soakers With Roman Candles

6)Test Out Your Fireworks in a Firworks Factory

7)Attach Them To A Drone and Chase Your Friends

8)Create Your Own Badass Movie Walkoff

9)Play Cowboy

10)Liven Up Your Breakdance Routine

11)Create a Gatling Gun

12)Play Fetch With Your Dog

13)On Second Thought, Don’t Do Any Of This. All Of These Are Really Terrible Ideas. Just Sit Back and Enjoy the Show

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