10 Times Jokes Went Over Your Head


Kids’ shows are supposed to be a place of learning, laughter and exploration. Sometimes, writers get a little too stuck on the exploration part. Check out 10 times jokes went way over your or your kid’s head!

These dinos are doomed.

Timmy’s dad has a lot of regrets.

Apparently, so do Robin’s parents.

The Animaniacs were always a bit more risqué than its contemporaries. This is an especially ridiculous moment!

Timmy’s parents are more than a little worried about all that time he spends in his room.

Edd has made an interesting discovery.

Squiward knows what’s up.

The Flash just can’t catch a break.

Gramps gets a little dark on Rugrats.

And he really just can’t keep it to himself!

What joke have you discovered years after viewing your favorite cartoon?

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